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Virus Removal

Has your computer been booting slowly and seemingly acting weird?
Allow our virus specialist to diagnose your computer and remove any virus that may be infecting the machine.


Damaged motherboard?
Broken LCD screen or hinges damaged?
Damaged keyboard?
Needing to upgrade your hardware?
Assistance with a software install?

Allow us to service all of your MAC and PC software and hardware needs!

Data Recovery

Ever accidentally delete that photo of your family vacation or have a computer hard drive fail without a backup?
The first step is to make sure NOT to download anything over that data or make too many changes to the computer once the data has been lost.
Next, bring the computer in to us and we will attempt a retrieval of your data!

Free parking is available on 21 St. and Wittis St.
Next to the parking garage on the curbside of the Dobie mall.

Service Pricing

Call (512) 770-5819 and schedule with PC Genie today!

PC Genie is proud to serve the Austin community with one of the highest rated computer repair company's in town. Having serviced the Austin area since 2007, PC Genie strives to maintain your support and service needs.

Our team members at PC Genie take pride and dedication into their customer support and work. We strive to make sure that your needs are listened to and met with a knowledgeable technician to ensure a successful repair.

Our service pricing starts at $50 dollars for a diagnostic of the machine.
If any issues are located and you wish to contiue with the service, PC Genie will waive the diagnostic fee and charge a fee of $99 per hour.

  • Data Recovery
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Virus Removal

Our Team

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Jeremy Shelby

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Ian Olsen

Developer & Virus Specialist

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Open Monday - Friday
8:30 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.

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